Decent Work for Women

Decent Work for Women

80% of the nonprofit sector labour force across Ontario and Canada consists of women workers. In the sector women, especially racialized and immigrant women and women with disabilities, experience unequal outcomes. Let’s build a stronger decent work movement together so we can impact the most marginalized women workers, while raising the floor for everyone in the sector.


Decent work for women means looking at supports women workers particularly need in their workplaces:

  • Equal pay, equal pay for work of equal value, and pay transparency
  • Stable employment
  • Maternity and parental leave top-ups
  • Safe reporting mechanisms for discrimination and harassment
  • Pathways to professional development and advancement
  • Gender parity and diversity in sector leadership
  • Not reproducing gendered roles in organizations
  • Recognizing the impact of being a feminized sector on the type of employment opportunities available

3 Big Ideas

We can’t build a decent work movement without women.


Women’s economic empowerment is only possible when women are offered decent work in the nonprofit sector.


Investing in women-majority sectors is equally as important as investing in non-traditional sectors. 

Implement decent work for women

Advocate for all women workers

Fare thee well

Key Findings

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