Decent Work for Women

Decent Work for Women Working in Nonprofits

We can’t build a decent work movement without women

80% of the nonprofit sector labour force across Ontario and Canada consists of women workers, especially Black, immigrant, and Indigenous women, women with disabilities, and women from the LGBTQ2SI community, who experience unequal outcomes.

For this reason, ONN applies a gender-based intersectional lens GBA+ to its decent work movement. The GBA+ lens illuminates supports women workers particularly need in their workplaces. 

Phase 3: The Nonprofit Care Economy

Phase 2: Future of Work, Top-up Fund, national movement building

  • Future of Work for nonprofits and charities through nonprofit, gender, and intersectional lenses
  • Building a national decent work for women movement 
  • Working with francophone nonprofits to adapt the decent work for women movement
  • Applying gender and intersectional lenses to all policies impacting the nonprofit sector’s people, financing, and regulations

Phase 1: Research & Solutions

For more information please contact: Pamela Uppal, Policy Advisor,, 416-846-3189

Phase one from 2017-2020 was funded by Women and Gender Equality Canada. Aspects of phase two are funded by Women and Gender Equality Canada and Community Foundations Canada.