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Resource Spotlight

ONN is committed to acting as a facilitator and catalyst to help the network access resources for organizational capacity building. The content on this page highlights resources from ONN’s paid sponsors. ONN does not endorse sponsors or their products or services. Advertising revenue supports our mission to strengthen Ontario’s nonprofit sector as a key pillar of our society and economy.

[WEBINAR] Demystifying Insurance: What Nonprofits Need to Know to Protect Their Operations

May 19, 2022 | 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM ET

Photo of people in a park as the background. At the centre is webinar title, "Demystifying Insurance. What nonprofits need to know to protect their organizations." At the bottom is a blue band on which is the date and time, "May 19, 2022. 1 to 2 p m Eastern Time." At the top right is HUB's logo.


With today’s world in constant flux, it is vital that leaders of nonprofit organizations understand the risks to their business and are adequately prepared and covered to protect against events that could threaten the viability of their organization. Join HUB International’s nonprofit experts to learn about the most common risk exposures for nonprofit organizations and three key coverages that can help protect your operations. Our discussion will cover:

  • Why general liability insurance is a critical component of any nonprofit insurance program and how it supports your operations.
  • In the face of an increasing risk of cyber security incidents – how to prepare for a breach and mitigate risk with cyber insurance.
  • What directors and officers insurance is and how it protects your board.

All-in-one Fundraising Solutions

Image has a light yellow background with the title on a dark yellow band at the top left, "All-in-one fundraising solutions." Under that are four bullets, "1. Customizable donation forms. 2. Peer-to-peer events. 3. Ticketed events. 4. Donor management system." On the right is a coloured image of a laptop. At the bottom left is CanadaHelps' logo, and at the bottom centre is a blue button saying, "learn more," under which is the website U R L, "for charities dot canada helps dot org."


As Canada’s largest charitable social enterprise, CanadaHelps has been part of the charity sector for 20+ years and over 25,000 charities use our fundraising technology.

Explore our fundraising solutions and learn from our free resources:

Pay as you go, only for the fundraising features you need


Our mission is simple: doing what’s best for yours

DonorPerfect is an employee-owned company with no contracts and no hidden agenda. We answer to you – not investors.

Build your own subscription to fit your nonprofit’s specific needs:

  • Clean + sync data for accurate reporting
  • Enhance your online donation forms
  • Analyze and improve your email campaigns
  • Automate aspects of donor engagement
  • Benefit from extensive onboarding + training

Alterna Savings Resources for Not-for-Profit organizations

Alterna is guided by our commitment to support the well-being of our members, employees, and communities. We promote community economic development through micro-lending and micro-savings initiatives, encourage our members to be financially knowledgeable, give back through many charitable activities and continually strive to be transparent at every level of our operation.

Our Community Financial Resiliency Program helps improve the capacity and resilience of the not-for-profit and charitable sector to build equity and strengthen their financial sustainability.

How Alterna can help: