About ONN

About Ontario Nonprofit Network

ONN is the independent network for the 58,000 nonprofits in Ontario, focused on policy, advocacy, and services to strengthen Ontario’s nonprofit sector as a key pillar of our society and economy.

We work to create a public policy environment that allows nonprofits to thrive. We engage our network of diverse nonprofit organizations across Ontario to work together on issues affecting the sector and channel the voices of our network to governments, funders, and other stakeholders.

The network began in 2007 as a mobilization of sector leaders concerned about proposed changes to the Ontario Not-for-Profit Corporations Act (Bill 65). Incorporated as a nonprofit in 2014, ONN was developed as an incubated project of the award-winning Centre for Social Innovation.


ONN’s programs come to life through the work of our team. Meet ONN’s staff.


ONN’s board is the governing body that supports ONN by providing strategic leadership. Meet our board.

Working groups

ONN convenes working groups in formal and informal capacities to help shape policy and address issues relevant to Ontario’s nonprofit sector.


ONN’s work will be guided by our Strategic thinking framework till 2026.


We envision that communities are thriving because people are connected, well-resourced and effecting change for the public good.


ONN’s mission is to connect, strengthen and advocate with and for the nonprofit sector in Ontario.


We value reciprocity and collective action as we seek to catalyze solutions and make systemic change(s) that allow the nonprofit sector to support thriving communities.

Reciprocity: All our work is based on relationships. We invest our resources, our time and our energy in building mutually beneficial relationships with our people, our network, partners and stakeholders including governments.

Collective action: We are stronger when we work together. We share as much as we can. We convene and elevate the voices of our network.

Impact snapshot

  • Brought about the creation of a sector-wide pension plan
  • ONCA win! We saw proclamation of the Ontario Not-for-Profit Corporations Act, over 10 years in the making and ONN’s founding issue.
  • Convened organizations and created resources for the sector to respond during COVID-19. This includes analysis of provincial and federal pandemic policy, and sector surveys to gather vital data to advocate for stabilization funding and more supports to help rebuild the economy and communities.
  • Building a movement to create a culture of decent work and encourage decent work practices in Ontario’s nonprofit sector.
  • Created a learning lab through thought leadership, tools, resources, and dialogues on how we can reimagine governance in the sector.
  • Actively support regional nonprofit networks to support local organization and inclusive economies, like the Chatham-Kent Nonprofit Network, Pillar Nonprofit Network, and the Toronto Nonprofit Network.


ONN is funded by the sector and sector supporters. We have diverse sources of funding; we’re not dependent on any one source. We’re proud that over half of our funding is self-generated earned income, ensuring our independence and financial sustainability.

Annual reports

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