Public Policy

Public Policy Work:

People  |  Financing  |  Regulatory Environment

Public Policy Work

Policy Areas, 2020-2021

ONN will influence positive change for the Ontario nonprofit sector by focusing on three key policy areas:

  • People: Strengthen and support the nonprofit sector labour force and its diverse and active volunteer base. This will result in the mobilization of a decent work movement in the sector.
  • Financing: Catalyze improvements in the Ontario nonprofit sector’s funding environment through reforming the sector’s investment relationship with government and removing barriers for nonprofits to earn income.
  • Regulatory Environment: Ensure the sector’s legal frameworks – policy, legislation, and regulation – support and empower the sector’s work.

We will continue to develop a resilient organization, leading by example. We will diversify revenues and resources, develop stellar human resource practices, and build our infrastructure, systems and technology to support this work. Evaluation will be integral to continually improve and learn.

Our Strategic Priorities

  • Advocate for an enabling public policy environment so nonprofits can thrive
  • Champion the nonprofit sector’s value and influence to strengthen its social and economic impact
  • Increase engagement and diversity of ONN’s network to strengthen it and positively influence public policy