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ONN’s goal is to ensure that the nonprofit sector’s regulatory frameworks support and empower the sector’s work.

Regulatory environment

It’s time for a regulatory environment that considers the unique work and circumstance of nonprofits

The nonprofit sector is unique in its model, makeup, and impact on communities. Yet its regulatory environment does not necessarily take that into account. 

Regulatory frameworks steeped in dated narratives of the sector should not control and direct nonprofits, but rather support and empower the sector’s work so they can focus on their missions/mandates and not on administrative burdens. 

Public policy that ensures the sector’s legal frameworks – policy, legislation, and regulation – will support and empower the sector’s work.

Key areas of focus for regulatory environment 

We advocate for:

A home in government – Associate Minister-level appointment within the Ministry of Economic Development, Job Creation and Trade, supported by an Office representing nonprofits, charities, and social innovation – for Ontario nonprofits 

Nonprofit driven Ontario Nonprofit Corporations Act (ONCA) with continuous monitoring of its implementation during the transition period and beyond.

Public benefit distinction in law through the Income Tax Act to distinguish nonprofits who have a public benefit mission from those that serve their members.

Ways nonprofits can take action to help change the regulatory environment 

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