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ONN tracks nonprofit sector policy and trends, so you can focus on your mission. We offer the right tools, knowledge and connections to sustain and grow your organization. When you become a member of the Ontario Nonprofit Network, you help build a resilient sector, thriving communities, and a dynamic province.

ONN Membership Options

ONN Members

ONN welcomes nonprofit and charitable organizations working in Ontario to become Members and access all of our benefits, including voting rights at our Annual General Meeting.

ONN Supporters

We invite individuals, volunteers and corporate and government friends of the sector to become Supporters and enjoy a range of benefits, including event discounts and special rates from service providers.

Visit Member Services for details of ONN’s members-only benefits and services.

Membership Fee Information

Membership levels are tiered based on annual budget levels, starting at just $100.

Annual BudgetONN Annual Membership Fee
Under $300,000$100 (plus HST = $113)
$300,000-$999,999$300 (plus HST = $339)
$1-5 million$500 (plus HST = $565)
Over $5,000,000$750 (plus HST = $847.50)

Reasons to Become an ONN Member

  • Increase policy capacity and results. ONN convenes province-wide platforms for sector voices to share their ideas, experience and expertise
  • Focus on your missionWe track and interpret provincial policy, and analyze how it impacts nonprofits – so you stay informed on what’s happening and apply your own expert view for your organization and subsector or region
  • Stay informed. ONN finds out what’s happening in communities, government, and the sector to keep you up-to-date. You can subscribe to our newsletter for free
  • Add your leadership voice. We advocate with and for the sector, giving you ways to share your experience and expertise, while identifying opportunities and resources to work across the sector
  • Save money. ONN membership provides many financial perks, including up to $100 off our annual conference, Nonprofit Driven, free webinars, 30% or more in savings for our Nonprofit Insurance Program, as well as exclusive access to the ONN Employee Benefits Program and Nonprofit Lands Registry. Plus: ONN Members receive free postings year-round on our job board for nonprofits connectjobs.ca. See our Member Services page for more details.

Have questions about ONN membership? Read our membership frequently asked questions (FAQs) below or contact Oveesh, ONN’s Communications and Services Coordinator at oveesh@theonn.ca.

Membership FAQ

General FAQ

  1. Our annual budget is less than $30,000. Do small nonprofits choose to become ONN members?
    • Yes, absolutely! Many smaller organizations have benefited from ONN membership, especially with our insurance and employee benefits programs. We would love for you to join the network
  2. Can an unincorporated nonprofit become a member? 
    • Yes! Unincorporated nonprofits are eligible for all membership benefits except access to the lands registry.
  3. Where can I find my membership ID?
    • Your membership ID will be on the payment confirmation email sent to the membership contact. You can also find out by contacting oveesh@theonn.ca.
  4. When will my membership expire?
    • Your membership expiry date is listed on the payment confirmation email sent to the membership contact. You can also find out by contacting oveesh@theonn.ca.
  5. How can I change the membership contact, our address, or other details about our membership?
    • Please reach out to oveesh@theonn.ca and let them know what changes you’d like made.
  6. Our annual budget has changed. How do we update our membership?
    • When it comes time to renew your membership, please make sure to select your new budget size on the renewal form. If you have related questions, please email admin@theonn.ca.
  7. I paid twice by mistake. How can I get a refund?
    • If you paid twice or if you have any questions about a payment or invoice, please contact admin@theonn.ca.
  8. I paid for my membership. Why didn’t I receive a receipt?
    • The membership contact will receive a payment confirmation email automatically after payment. If you’d like a PDF copy of your receipt, please contact admin@theonn.ca.
  9. I paid by cheque. When can I expect my membership payment to be processed?
    • We strive to process cheques in a timely manner, but note that there may be delays due to mailing times and because staff are not in the office full-time.
  10. Is there a member-only area or portal on the ONN website?
    • There isn’t. We share updates and connect to our members directly through email. If you’d like changes made to your account, please contact oveesh@theonn.ca.

General membership benefits FAQ

  1. I have specific questions about the insurance program. Who should I contact?
    • Please visit this web page for an overview of our insurance program. For questions specifically about insurance policies, discounts, or other insurance technicalities, please fill out this form and a representative from HUB International will reach out to you.
  2. I have specific questions about the employee benefits program. Who should I contact?
    • Please visit this web page for more information. If you would like answers to specific questions about the program, please click here to access our registration form. On the registration form, select ‘Nonprofit Purchasing Program’. This does not automatically register you for the program, but it does ensure that someone will be in touch to answer your questions.
  3. What is the process to apply for the nonprofit lands registry? 
    • If you are eligible, you can fill out an application form and pay a $200 registration fee. Once approved by ONN, you will receive an email from a representative of Infrastructure Ontario within a month. For eligibility criteria and the form, please visit our lands registry web page and read the instructions thoroughly. Please note that the $200 registration fee is an additional fee and is not included in your membership fee.
  4. Can I have access to the lands registry before I become a member or pay the $200 registration fee?
    • Unfortunately, only approved registrants who are current ONN members and have paid the registration fee in full can access the registry.

Connect Nonprofit Jobs FAQ

  1. I am a current member. Do I need to create an account to post on the job board Connect Nonprofit Jobs?
    • Yes. Once you’re a member of ONN, visit connectjobs.ca and click on “sign up” and follow the instructions. If you run into issues creating your account, please contact oveesh@theonn.ca.
  2. How long will it take for my job postings to be approved on Connect Nonprofit Jobs? 
    • Once you sign up, create your account, and submit a job posting, we will approve it within two to three business days.
  3. I submitted a job posting but it’s not live yet or has been rejected.
    • As mentioned above, it does take a few days for a job posting to be approved. Do note that we only approve job postings from current ONN members that are nonprofits and charities, and only if your job postings include a salary range/pay scale. We are committed to building a decent work movement in the nonprofit sector and believe that salary transparency is a key element to this.
  4. Can I edit a job posting after it’s submitted?
    • You have to contact us to make edits to a submission or if we’ve already approved your job posting. Please contact oveesh@theonn.ca and include your edits in the email. You can also resubmit and ask us to delete the one you have previously submitted.
  5. How many visitors does the job board get?
    • On average, Connect Nonprofit Jobs gets about 3,500 unique visitors each month.

Webinar FAQ

  1. Are webinars free for members?
    • Yes, ONN webinars are free for all current ONN members. If you haven’t received the promo code, please contact oveesh@theonn.ca. 
  2. Can I get a recording if I missed a webinar?
    • Yes, you can. If you registered for the webinar and missed it, you will receive the recording, slide deck, and other resources within a week after the webinar. If you didn’t register, please contact oveesh@theonn.ca.
  3. Please visit our Webinar: FAQ page for other FAQs about our webinars. 
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