Provincial Budget 2019

Pre-Budget Submission

Like the Ontario Government, ONN wants a prosperous province where people can earn a living, raise their families, and count on the vital services and programs they need. This requires a healthy economy and a regulatory framework that enables the private and nonprofit sectors to focus on their business. 

Budget 2019: Five ways to strengthen the work of Ontario nonprofits for a healthy economy and healthy communities

  1. Reduce the regulatory burden on nonprofits and charities by listing all legislation and regulations that apply to them on a single website. There’s already a great model in the Small Business Access portal and it’s a simple way to help all organizations, especially small enterprise, and ensure they are compliant.
  2. Expand the nonprofit sector’s access to the Infrastructure Ontario Loans Program, a repayable loan system that can help nonprofits unlock more jobs and self-sufficiency.
  3. Reduce red tape for volunteers by modernizing the police record check system across Ontario. The cost and processing time to get police record checks is a barrier to volunteering that could be addressed through a modernized, digitized system.
  4. Reinstate funding at the 2018 Budget level ($115 million) for the Ontario Trillium Foundation, which provides critical investments in community services and facilities across this province – such as food banks, sports facilities, arts organizations and social service providers.
  5. Reduce red tape in transfer payment agreements so organizations can focus on delivering the vital programs people rely on and government can manage fewer agreements. There are 5,000 nonprofits that currently have agreements with multiple provincial ministries, but each one is managed separately. The number of transfer payment agreements could be reduced by 14 per cent – without service or job reductions – simply through umbrella agreements. Streamlined, outcome-focused agreements can save taxpayers money in administrative costs and cut red tape for nonprofits.

Nonprofits and charities are a critical part of the economy and society that government counts on every single day to provide services and supports to Ontario. We urge the Ontario Government to engage with nonprofits before making major changes to investment streams that affect them and the people they serve. The nonprofit sector can bring the voices of people who are affected by government decisions to help shape policy and budget decisions.

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