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ONN presents monthly lunch-hour webinars to spark discussion on complex or emerging issues affecting nonprofits and charities in Ontario, and provide a platform to share knowledge that crosses the nonprofit sector and helps organizations get their work done. Webinars are designed to inform, educate, and develop public policy knowledge and advocacy skills of nonprofits, and highlight resources that can support their work and the communities they serve. If you require a transcript to a past or upcoming webinar, please email our team at admin@theonn.ca. 

Webinars are free for ONN members and $30 for non-members.


Upcoming Webinars

Nonprofits can and should make their views heard during election campaigns.

Join leaders from Imagine Canada, Carters law firm, and the Canadian Arts Coalition on September 18 for our Election Rules webinar to learn the election rules and discover strategies that can advance your nonprofit’s advocacy efforts. Through this webinar you will learn:

  • Clarity on the rules and guidelines under the Canada Revenue Agency and Elections Canada that impact charities and nonprofits.
  • Advertising during an election and when you need to register as a third party advertiser.
  • Ways to engage your communities anytime, and during this election season
  • Channels to share and promote your advocacy work
  • Inspiring examples of organizations doing advocacy, including a national coalition to get out the vote and support democracy.

Plus, all registered participants will receive their own Advocacy Resource Package including government submission examples to help them prepare for the 2019 Federal Election.

When: September 18 at 12pm

Cost: Free for members / $30 for nonmembers

Register Here

Past Webinars

Join ONN and the Canadian Alternative Investment Foundation (CAIF) for a deep dive into financing options that may be used by your organization to achieve its goals and the how-tos of preparing for financing. Through this webinar you will learn:

 What is debt financing? Loans, lines of credits, and how nonprofits and charities can leverage tools to support their mission

 What is a line of credit and when it is beneficial to organizations?

 How to assess your financing needs & readiness

 Ways to identify your “borrowing profile”

 How and when to get ready to apply for a line of credit

Slidedeck | Recording |Recording Transcript | Loan Readiness Assessment | Community Lifelines of Credit Information Kit 

Join ONN and the Ontario Universities to discuss experiential learning opportunities and how to leverage them through a new online platform. Through this webinar you will:

  • Learn about experiential learning: what is it and how it can strengthen your nonprofit
  • Discover how to connect with emerging leaders across Ontario through the Propel Initiative
  • Receive HR, legal and funding resources for hiring students
  • Discuss best practices for recruiting, on-boarding and recognizing students during experiential learning opportunities and get access to free templates

Slidedeck | Recording

 The Nonprofits Driving Public Policy series was a five-part webinar series to strengthen the capacity of nonprofits to actively participate in the development of public policy to influence positive change for communities.

  1. Seizing the electoral moment: why it matters to all nonprofits: Recording
  2. What is public policy and does your nonprofit need a strategy: Recording
  3. Collaborating for change in today’s policy environment:  Slide deck | Recording
  4. Sharpening your message for maximum impact: Slide deck | Recording
  5. Engaging the community to shape your organization’s priorities and decisions: Slide deck | Recording

The provincial budget lays out the government’s plan on how it will allocate resources and govern over the next fiscal year. Learn how developing a pre-budget submission may influence government and the provincial budget. 

Slidedeck  | Recording | Pre-budget submission template

The Nonprofit Insurance Refresher webinar is a part of the ONN Stronger Together info series, a series highlighting how our services are aligned with our policy work and were created with and for nonprofits – from insurance and employee benefits to office supplies, group buying, and more. We put strength in numbers to work and harness our sector’s group buying power to help improve how nonprofits get their work done. 

Slide deck | Recording

Learn how your nonprofit can navigate the 2019 provincial budget and a get deep dive from policy experts and nonprofit leaders of various perspectives, including the arts, environment, and Indigenous communities.

Slidedeck | Recording

Join the conversation on transforming how nonprofits can more effectively govern organizations.

Slidedeck | Recording


Cancellation policy: Click here to read our cancellation policy for webinars.