Our Policy Priorities

ONN Policy Priorities 2021-2022

ONN works within four broad policy areas: our sector’s people (the paid and volunteer work force), our finances, our regulatory environment, and our data

Our goal is to create a more enabling environment for a strong and resilient sector so that nonprofits can focus on supporting Ontario’s vibrant communities.

Embedded across our organization and our work is our commitment to settler-Indigenous reconciliation and anti-racism. Nonprofits are service providers, employers, stewards of volunteers, data, land, and other assets, purchasers of goods and services, and advocates for systems change. In all these roles, nonprofits must consider how they can advance truth and reconciliation and anti-racism/anti-oppression. 

ONN is dedicated to:

  • Championing nonprofits’ roles in responding to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s Calls to Action and promoting the self-determination and well-being of First Nations, Inuit and Métis communities.
  • Eradicating racism, and anti-Black racism in particular, in the nonprofit sector and doing our part to dismantle the systems that enable violence towards and oppression of Black Canadians and racialized communities.
  • Using an intersectional gender-based analysis (GBA+) lens to highlight the differential impacts of our policy environment on women and gender-diverse workers and volunteers in the nonprofit sector, especially Black, Indigenous, and other racialized women, immigrants, members of the 2SLGBTQIA+ community, and people who have a disability.


ONN’s policy priorities are outlined in full detail and available here. Listed below are our main policy buckets and the priority areas we are focusing on for 2021-2022.


1. Our People

Our goal is a strong nonprofit workforce and a sector that models decent work employment practices. Through advocacy, workforce planning, and sector-wide collaboration, our paid and volunteer workforce will be well equipped for the future of work and reflective of the communities we serve, from front-line staff to senior management and boards of directors.

Policy priorities:

  • Decent Work
  • Care economy
  • The future of work in the nonprofit sector

2. Our Financing

Our goal is to catalyze improvements in the Ontario nonprofit sector’s funding environment by advocating for the reform of the sector’s investment relationship with the government and for the removal of barriers for nonprofits to earn income.

Policy priorities:

  • Community wealth building for a better economy 
  • Nonprofit real estate 

3. Our Regulatory Frameworks

Our goal is to ensure that the Ontario nonprofit sector’s regulatory frameworks support and empower the sector’s work. ONN monitors government agendas and undertakes responsive policy advocacy when legislative and policy changes are proposed that affect the nonprofit sector, especially on issues related to our governing frameworks (like corporate legislation) and nonprofits’ advocacy.

Policy priorities:

  • Emergency preparation, response and rebuilding 
  • Ontario Not-For-Profit Corporations Act (ONCA) 
  • Shared platforms 
  • Regulating nonprofits’ advocacy 

4. Our Data

Our goal is to ensure that the Ontario nonprofit sector’s data is ethically used and appropriately leveraged to support learning and data-driven decision-making. We advocate for nonprofits to be engaged in the development of new legislation and policies affecting data and privacy.

Policy priorities:

  • Privacy legislation 
  • Open data and administrative data-linking for effective programs and policy
  • Macro-level data about the nonprofit sector