Decent Work

We all benefit from decent work. As employees, we excel in fair working conditions. As employers, we attract and retain high-calibre staff by offering good jobs. And as nonprofits, we achieve our mission to contribute to thriving communities while leading the way to a stronger, more resilient sector.

Through adopting decent work practices, your organization will be better able to meet your mission and contribute to thriving communities. And in doing so, you help build a stronger, more resilient nonprofit sector.

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What is decent work?

Decent work means more than fair wages and benefits. It reflects a cultural shift that builds on the values that drive your work in your community. Decent workplaces are fair, stable and productive workplaces. Decent work means building a culture of equity and inclusion at work, and ensuring everyone’s voices are valued and heard. Decent work means acknowledging the highly gendered nature of the nonprofit sector’s workforce – and developing solutions that address women’s particular interests and concerns.

Decent Work in action: Case studies from Ontario’s nonprofit sector

Across the province, and across multiple sectors, nonprofits are building decent work. This helps strengthen the resilience of the organization while also contributing to the long-term sustainability of the sector and its workforce. It also contributes to the health of local communities. Read our case studies to learn more about how to start – or continue – the journey towards decent work.





We’re grateful for the financial support of the Atkinson Foundation and Status of Women Canada, which are helping us to explore and build decent work in Ontario’s nonprofit sector.