Decent Work: It’s needed

Why decent work

Decent workplaces are fair, stable and productive workplaces. By championing decent work practices, nonprofits will be better able to meet their missions and contribute to thriving communities. By being leaders of decent work, the sector will attract and retain high-calibre professional staff with the skills and knowledge to deliver huge public benefit for years to come.

As our video shows, job quality issues affect many of the sector’s employees, 80 percent of whom are women. Issues include:

  • Low salaries and lack of overtime pay
  • Low levels of pension plan and benefits coverage
  • High rates of part-time and contract employment
  • Underinvestment in training and development
  • Poor work-life balance

There is a need to improve working conditions for all while investigating the intersections between gender and labour. It’s easy to see that decent work is needed in the sector Luckily, it not difficult to implement.

Let’s grab the opportunity to be champions of decent work.

We’re grateful for the financial support of the Atkinson Foundation and Status of Women Canada, which is helping us to explore and build decent work in Ontario’s nonprofit sector.

We are grateful to Definity Foundation for being a Connector+.
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