A Sector Driven Evaluation Strategy

A Sector Driven Evaluation Strategy

Sometimes evaluation can be a dirty word — it can feel like something imposed, like another layer of reporting. The good news? It doesn’t have to be that way. Breakthroughs can happen when we’re able to frame an old problem in a new way and evaluation is definitely an old problem that needs some reframing!

The use of evidence can help make our work better and nonprofits need to engage many stakeholders, including funders, to create a plan for evaluation that meets everyone’s needs. Too often, however, nonprofits end up doing evaluation in reactive mode, spending time answering questions that have been chosen by others.

What if, together, we can shift our points of view and notice new things about evaluation? How can it help us get our work done and help our communities? How can we discard what’s not working and strengthen (or create) what can work?

There are a number of initiatives in Ontario to help individual nonprofits get better at the technical aspects of evaluation through workshops, handbooks, and coaching. This is important work. ONN’s focus is complementary, but different.

Our aim for a sector driven evaluation strategy is to create a more enabling ecosystem for evaluation in the nonprofit sector. In other words, we want to change the system so that it addresses evaluation questions that really matter. We want a system that makes it easier, more rewarding, and less stressful for nonprofits and their partners to do meaningful evaluation work.

Our Resources

Our Reports

Evaluation Literature Review (January 2016)

In this report, we delve into some of the systemic issues of evaluation in the nonprofit sector. It is intended to help us begin to unpack this big, complex, and sometimes emotional evaluation discussion.

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More of Our Resources

  • Matching Evaluation Approaches to Expectations. In Ontario’s nonprofit sector, evaluation is a word that gets used a lot. Different kinds of data gathering approaches with different purposes sometimes get lumped together under the general heading of evaluation. This can lead to miscommunication and unrealistic expectations. To try to clear things up a bit, we have created this resource.
  • 6 Simple Tips For Communicating About Impact. This resource includes strategies designed to help you get into the habit of talking about your work in impact language.

Our Podcasts

Episode 1 (2016.04.19)

In our first evaluation podcast, Andrew and Ben sit down with Chanel Grenaway from the Canadian Women’s Foundation (CWF). Tune in to hear the story of how evaluation is making a difference for the CWF and their grantees.

Our Blog Posts

We explore some of the key issues, challenges, and ways to move forward in our blog posts. Read our latest blog:

We’ve got more evaluation goodness. Check out our previous blog posts below.

Our Comic Series

We developed a comic series to explore key themes in our conversations with the sector about nonprofit evaluation.

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Our Webinars

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Rethinking Evaluation: Developing a Strategy for the Sector, By the Sector (2016.01.27)
In this webinar, we want to hear from you! We have a few ideas for how we can start to change the way evaluation in the nonprofit sector works and we want your feedback on what we might include in a strategy (e.g. a vision and set of principles for evaluation, a negotiation guide to use with funders and other stakeholders, ways we can promote an evaluation culture, and how we can use a network approach to better share and collaborate). More specifically, we want to know what you think needs to change at a systems level and how we can change it together.
2016.01.27 Rethinking Evaluation Webinar Slides
2016.01.27 Rethinking Evaluation Webinar Recording

We can’t do it alone.

In order to achieve these goals, we’ll be reaching out to nonprofits across Ontario. We’ll be developing strategies that can help nonprofits make informed decisions about the most meaningful ways to use their limited evaluation resources, and shift the conversations with their key stakeholders to make evaluation an asset. We will test ideas about how to ensure that evaluation strengthens nonprofit work, benefits the communities we serve, helps us demonstrate accountability, and do it all without creating unnecessary administrative burdens. Together, we can do this!

Do you have strategies and resources to share?

Want to know more? Contact Ben Liadsky, Evaluation Program Associate at ben@theonn.ca.

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