What new privacy legislation could mean for nonprofits

Watch the recording.

The Ontario government is planning to introduce privacy legislation that may have a great impact on our sector. From fundraising and list-building to managing client data across platforms to entrusting staff and volunteers with personal information, new privacy legislation could change the way our organizations manage data, steward relationships, and engage third parties. If data is the new oil, nonprofits must protect their data, especially data regarding their beneficiaries, donors, volunteers, and funders.

But privacy legislation goes beyond how nonprofits manage and protect data. It’s about ensuring that the frameworks developed, including for how personal information is used for commercial purposes and how artificial intelligence may be used, are equitable and better for communities.

Here’s what you can expect from this webinar:

  • Hear the conversation about how nonprofits can play a role in ensuring data justice, protection of privacy, and the principled use of data for public interest purposes
  • Learn how proposed privacy legislation may impact your nonprofit and our sector
  • Share your perspective with Chief Privacy Officer & Archivist of Ontario, John Roberts
  • View the live Q&A with privacy legislation experts
October 14, 2020

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