Labour Force Strategy

Labour Force Strategy

The nonprofit sector’s biggest asset and vehicle for serving communities are its people – paid and unpaid workers and volunteers. We need enough people, diverse people, qualified and passionate right people, and supported people to work on complex social problems of our time. When our sector’s women-majority and significantly racialized workforce can access decent work it ensures that not only do the communities they serve get the best care, but that historically discriminated against workers have economic security as well. 

A coordinated, sector-wide labour force strategy and workforce development plan can help Ontario’s nonprofit sector build a strong and resilient nonprofit labour force and volunteer pool for tomorrow. A labour force strategy can begin to address, mitigate, and prevent critical human resource issues and proactively prepare for the future of work. A workforce development plan will ensure new recruits, existing staff, and volunteers receive the specific skills and competencies needed for jobs of the future. 

Emerging Issues

The nonprofit HR crisis: Over the past few months ONN has been hearing from its network that workers are leaving the sector in droves and staff vacancies have reached a breaking point.

ONN’s vision

Our goal is a strong nonprofit workforce and a sector that models decent work employment practices. Through advocacy, workforce planning, and sector-wide collaboration, our paid and volunteer workforce will be well equipped for the future of work and reflective of the communities we serve, from front-line staff to senior management and boards of directors. 

Steps we’re taking to reach that vision

  1. Advocating for an enabling public policy environment for decent work.
  2. Developing a new sector-wide labour force strategy (inclusive of workforce development) that addresses sector-specific labour force issues, broader trends, and the need to prepare for workforce disruptions. 
  3. Providing thought leadership through research and analysis on topics like the future of work in nonprofits.
  4. Expanding and deepening the decent work movement with a racial justice, gender equity, and reconciliation lenses.
  5. Leveraging opportunities for relevant and up-to-date comprehensive labour market information on Ontario’s nonprofit sector.
  6. Driving innovative solutions to alleviate current HR challenges compounded by the pandemic and external phenomena.