Making Evaluation Work in the Nonprofit Sector

Making Evaluation Work in the Nonprofit Sector

A call for Systemic Change

making evaluation work

The nonprofit sector plays a vital role in the health and wellbeing of our communities. Ontario’s nonprofit sector is the largest in Canada and is a socio-economic force driving the province and our communities. Ontario nonprofits and charities are often the first to identify issues and opportunities to strengthen and create vibrant, healthy communities. These issues and opportunities can be complex and evolving as economic and social environments change. Consequently, we need organizations that are constantly listening, have developed the ability to gather and interpret many types of information, and are using that information to innovate and evolve.

Recommendations for Improving Evaluation in Ontario’s Nonprofit Sector

Promote learning and action before measurement

Create safe spaces for sharing evaluation findings

Develop learning organizations.

Make more strategic use of evaluation resources

Use the right evaluation approach for the job

Match evaluation investments to expectations

Differentiate evaluation and accountability

Expand what evaluation can achieve for the nonprofit sector

Investigate the full impact of the nonprofit sector

Evaluate evaluation