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ONN Webinars

ONN presents webinars to spark discussion on complex or emerging issues affecting nonprofits and charities in Ontario, and provide a platform to share the knowledge that crosses the nonprofit sector and helps organizations get their work done. Webinars are designed to inform, educate, and develop public policy knowledge and advocacy skills of nonprofits, and highlight resources that can support their work and the communities they serve. Discover upcoming webinars and learn more.

Nonprofit Driven

Every year we organize a conference for hundreds of sector leaders and supporters. Our next Nonprofit Driven conference will be held on October 27-28, 2021. 

All ONN members save $100 per ticket to Nonprofit Driven. You can learn more about Nonprofit Driven and review highlights from previous Nonprofit Driven conferences below:

ONN the road: Regional events are coming to a community near you! 

ONN travels across Ontario each year to convene nonprofits in their communities and share what’s happening in their area, build local connections, and identify issues and opportunities in common. Over 150 community leaders join these events each year from a range of organizations who are eager to connect, learn what’s happening provincially in the nonprofit sector, and build skills and resources to strengthen their organizations. ONN has co-hosted events from Thunder Bay to Chatham to Kingston. 2021 locations will be announced soon! Stay tuned.

Special thanks to the ONN-Recommended Pension Plan: