Visions and Principles

Vision and Principles

We aim to create a more enabling ecosystem for evaluation in the nonprofit sector. We want a system that makes it easier, more rewarding, and less stressful for nonprofits and their partners to do meaningful evaluation work. By working in a collaborative spirit and embracing different perspectives that enhance the potential of what evaluation can and should be, we present our 2020 vision:

Evaluation Leads to Action More Often for More Purposes. By 2020, a much greater proportion of the evaluation work that takes place in Ontario’s nonprofit sector gets used.

Evaluation Addresses Needs and Questions that are Important to a Range of Stakeholders. By 2020, evaluation work will answer questions that are seen as important and useful by nonprofits,community members, governments and others.

Evaluation is Planned, Conducted, and Shared in a More Collaborative Way. By 2020, evaluation work will be undertaken in a more collaborative way. Nonprofits will be much less likely to face the need to solve evaluation challenges on their own.

Evaluation is Used When and Where It Can Help the Most. By 2020, evaluation work will occur only in conditions where it has a good chance of proving useful to stakeholders.


Principles to Help Us Get to Useful Evaluation

  • An evaluation that is treated as a partnership is more likely to lead to positive action.
  • Evaluation should be concerned primarily with learning and action.
  • Good evaluation is not wedded to a single approach but employs a range of methods designed to maximize the chances of achieving the evaluation’s intended use.