ONN Conference 2012 Group Around Table

Our goal is to strengthen and support the nonprofit sector labour force and its diverse and active volunteer base. This will result in the mobilization of a decent work movement in the sector.


Connect the Sector

We’ve partnered with Connect the Sector to help connect leaders across generations on major policy issues in the nonprofit sector.


Decent Work

Job quality issues affect many of the sector’s one million employees, including salaries and overtime pay; low levels of pension plan and benefits coverage; high-rates of part-time and contract employment; underinvestment in training and development; and poor work-life balance. There is a need to improve working conditions for all – in the nonprofit sector and beyond. The decent work movement presents an opportunity for our sector to act as a champion of good working conditions through organizational practices and funding reform.


Labour Force Strategy

To attract and retain the best people, Ontario’s nonprofit sector must position itself as a “sector of choice” for good careers, as well as for good volunteer opportunities.

Leadership Competencies

Police Record Checks

Reducing barriers to employment and volunteering by creating a fair and streamlined process for police record checks.