Sessions and Workshops


The Power of Networks

The nonprofit sector is navigating many complex and inter-related issues across our communities. This is a key opportunity to tap into the power of networks, to deepen connections across sectors, communities and geographies, expand and share leadership, and identify more ways to work and advocate together. This plenary will be interactive, inviting us to connect as we dig into some network-weaving basics. Map out your networks alongside peers and start off Nonprofit Driven with an inspiring look at the power of your existing connections, who may be missing and how you want to build your network!

Facilitator: Erin Kang


Open and equitable: Creating a data strategy for Ontario’s nonprofits

Ontario’s Nonprofit sector does some innovative work with data. However, our data work can often be fragmented and disconnected, making it difficult to use the data collectively, transparently, and equitably. In this session, we will discuss how we can develop a data strategy that will support programs and services, public policy development, and positive outcomes for communities across Ontario. Join this conversation to learn more about data standards, data privacy, organizational capacity, and leadership through an equity lens.

Visioning a future beyond the HR crisis

The time is now to mobilize collectively and strategically to tackle our sector’s HR crisis. If we don’t, the communities we serve will lose access to vital nonprofit programs, services, and supports. In this session, leaders from across the sector will share insights on how the HR crisis is impacting their subsector to highlight commonalities we all share. Then, with support of a facilitator, attendees will brainstorm ideas and solutions for the beginnings of a labour force strategy and workforce development plan. Let’s create a path forward that helps both the nonprofit sector’s workers and our communities thrive!

Reimagining Governance: Stories from our journey and tools for the future

The Reimagining Governance project started out as a simple question: why do we keep doing governance work in a way that doesn’t work for everybody? Since then, it has been a winding road of deep discussions with a variety of nonprofits, challenging assumptions, and trying out new ideas. Join this session for lessons learned through this innovative initiative, and a ‘tour’ through the virtual Reimagining Governance Lab (launching Fall 2022). What could be possible if your nonprofit started the process to reimagine how it’s doing governance? Let’s find out, together. Reimagining Governance is a collaboration between ONN and Ignite NPS.

Harnessing nonprofits’ economic power to build community wealth

Nonprofits play many important roles in local economies: as purchasers of goods and services, investors, advocates, employers, renters, and owners of land or social enterprises. How can nonprofits leverage their broad economic clout to ensure wealth is returned to and built up in the communities they serve? Is it possible for nonprofits to align their economic activity with racial justice and reconciliation? Attend this session to learn about the community wealth building model, the tools and strategies to advance it, and ways nonprofits can align their economic activity with racial justice and reconciliation efforts.

Fireside Chat with Cathy Taylor and Dr. Notisha Massaquoi

A 30-minute conversation between ONN’s Executive Director, Cathy Taylor and Dr. Notisha Massaquoi, an advocate for advancements in Black community healthcare for over 30 years. A chat that will provide insights on how both leaders are approaching equity work and what they have learned along the way.


Building fundraising capacity, even during tough times

Now is not the time to shy away from fundraising – it’s the time to learn how to execute fundraising fundamentals well and reach beyond your current donor base. This capacity-building workshop is designed for nonprofit workers who are wearing multiple hats and may not be fundraisers. Join Cindy Wagman and Brock Warner, experts in supporting small nonprofits and digital fundraising, for practical takeaways and steps you can implement right away. Whether you’re from a policy and advocacy organization or a frontline nonprofit, this workshop will help you support your mission by building your fundraising capacity.

Co-hosted by Cindy Wagman and Brock Warner.

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