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Axelle Janczur

Axelle Janczur is the Executive Director of Access Alliance. Access Alliance has been in operation for over 25 years in the city of Toronto. We are a multi-service community health organization with a historical focus on serving immigrants and refugees. As our agency has evolved so has our understanding of the priority populations we work with. We clearly identify most disadvantaged communities, facing barriers to accessing key determinants of health, communities struggling with the impact of racialization of poverty and the increasing prevalence of precarious employment.

Five Steps Towards Good Jobs
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Five Steps Towards Good Jobs

Our commitment to decent work began many years ago when we committed to being evidence-informed and using data to inform our planning and evaluation processes. This means all data, but in particular data and knowledge that was co-created with community through our community based research program. It became crystal clear to us that bad jobs are making people sick, that pathways to precarious employment are...

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29 Nov 2016