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Regulatory Environment

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ONN’s goal is to ensure that the Ontario nonprofit sector’s legal frameworks – policy, legislation, and regulation – support and empower the sector’s work.


Anti-spam legislation advocacy and support

Canada Revenue Agency – Review of charities’ political activities

Charities and nonprofits play a critical role in Canadian society to address issues that face communities across the country. This role requires the charitable sector to engage in “political activities” to help shape the policy and laws that have an impact on their work with the people and the communities they serve. ONN supports a cross-sectoral call by charities and nonprofits to change the Income Tax Act to focus on charitable purposes.

Data Strategy

Accessing and using data in a new way opens up an important opportunity for Ontario nonprofits. There are practical ways for nonprofits to better access and use data for public benefit work. So, we’re figuring it out together: ONN is convening research and discussion to determine the nature of a data strategy for the sector.

Lobbyists Registration Act

Changes to the act were announced in 2016 and ONN continues to monitor and raise concerns about how the changes will affect the nonprofit sector, as well as provide information to nonprofits and charities about the issue.

Ontario Not-for-Profit Corporations Act (ONCA)

Modernizing the 60-year-old legislation governing the nonprofit sector.

Patients First Act, 2016

Public Benefit Nonprofits

A “public benefit” designation would enable public policy that better serves communities.

Shared Platforms

Shared administrative platforms can help nonprofit projects get access to administrative, legal and organizational structures to carry out their work. They can help nonprofits work together to provide effective programs that enrich our communities. Learn more about their potential and important considerations for success.

Third-Party Advertising