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About ONN:

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About ONN

We are the independent network for the 58,000 nonprofits in Ontario, focused on policy, advocacy, and services to strengthen Ontario’s nonprofit sector as a key pillar of our society and economy.


We work to create a public policy environment that allows nonprofit to thrive. We engage our network of diverse nonprofit organizations across Ontario to work together on issues affecting the sector and channel the voices of our network to governments, funders, and other stakeholders.

The network began in 2007 as a mobilization of sector leaders concerned about proposed changes to the Ontario Not-for-Profit Corporations Act (Bill 65). Incorporated as a nonprofit in 2014, ONN was developed as an incubated project of the award-winning Centre for Social Innovation.


A Strong and Resilient Nonprofit Sector. Thriving Communities. A Dynamic Province.


To engage, advocate, and lead with – and for – nonprofits that work for the public benefit in Ontario.


  • Courage to take risks and do things differently
  • Diversity of perspective, creativity, and expertise to get stuff done
  • Optimism and determination
  • Solutions created by the sector, with the sector, for the sector
  • Celebrating our successes and learning from our experiences
  • Strength that comes from working together

Strategic Plan

ONN Strategic Plan- 2017- 2020

A Snapshot: ONN’s advances on behalf of the sector

Sector Advances

  • Brought about the creation of a sector-wide pension plan 
  • Successfully advocated to reduce funding cuts to communities through the Ontario Trillium Foundation for Budget 2019
  • Worked with a coalition to get a community benefits framework developed, mentioned in the Long-Term Infrastructure Plan, to ensure government investments give collective benefits to communities through jobs for marginalized workers, resources purchased through social enterprises, and more
  • Supported advocacy for charities and nonprofits to full contribute to public debate and public policy, including the removal of limits on nonpartisan political activities in the Income Tax Act
  • Created the first registry of its kind for nonprofits to access surplus Ontario Government land before it goes public
  • Mobilized a call to action to get the Accounting Standards Board to reconsider proposed changes to principles which would be costly and time-intensive for nonprofits
  • Secured access for all provincially funded organizations to the Ontario Vendor of Record Program
  • Helped win an exemption for charities under federal anti-spam legislation
  • Special Senate Committee on the Charitable Sector released a groundbreaking report that included ONN policy priorities such as decent work and pensions in the sector, recognition of the lack of data on the sector, the challenging funding environment, and the need to address rules around earned income for nonprofits

Ongoing Advocacy

Funded by the sector and sector supporters

We have diverse sources of funding; we’re not dependent on any one source. We’re proud that over half of our funding is self-generated  earned income, ensuring our independence and financial sustainability.

Annual reports

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