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About ONN:

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About ONN

We are the independent network for the 58,000 nonprofits in Ontario, focused on policy, advocacy, and services to strengthen Ontario’s nonprofit sector as a key pillar of our society and economy.


We work to create a public policy environment that strengthens nonprofits so they can do more. We activate our network nonprofits, convening and engaging organizations, leaders, and stakeholder to tackle cross-cutting issues at a sector-wide level. Our efforts are bringing the the voices of the sector to policy- and decision-makers.

The network began in 2007 as a mobilization of sector leaders concerned about proposed changes to the Ontario Not-for-Profit Corporations Act (Bill 65). Incorporated as a nonprofit in 2014, ONN was developed as an incubated project of the award-winning Centre for Social Innovation.


A Strong and Resilient Nonprofit Sector. Thriving Communities. A Dynamic Province.


To engage, advocate, and lead with – and for – nonprofits that work for the public benefit in Ontario.


  • Courage to take risks and do things differently
  • Diversity of perspective, creativity, and expertise to get stuff done
  • Optimism and determination
  • Solutions created by the sector, with the sector, for the sector
  • Celebrating our successes and learning from our experiences
  • Strength that comes from working together


A Snapshot: ONN’s advances on behalf of the sector

Sector Advances

Ongoing Advocacy


Funded by the sector and sector supporters

We have diverse sources of funding; we’re not dependent on any one source. We’re proud that over half of our funding is self-generated  earned income, ensuring our independence and financial sustainability.

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