Our Work

ONN Has Your Back

Our Sector Work

We are working with – and for – Ontario’s nonprofit sector. We’re focused on addressing issues that affect today’s nonprofit sector in Ontario – from our people and our partnerships, to our financing and sector structures. Much of what we do exists within one of these four pillars of work, however some of the work we undertake speaks to the sector as a whole.

Our People

The nonprofit sector is about people getting organized to build thriving communities. Volunteers and employees are essential to a strong and resilient sector and we need to make sure policies and practices support them in meeting the missions of their organizations.

Our Structures

Legal frameworks, regulations and governance practices provide us with parameters for how we can work. They can enable – or restrict – the way we collaborate, keep assets in trust for future generations and protect our communities, employees and volunteers. Making sure these structures support our work appropriately is key to a healthy sector.

Our Financing

To fulfill their missions, nonprofits and charities need access to and understanding of different forms of financial capital. Whether revenue, donations, loans, grants, crowdfunding or other contributions, the sector needs access to financial resources to get its work done. That means staying tuned into economic and financial policies, practices and new models that affect nonprofit financing.

Our Partnerships

Governments, nonprofits and businesses all have a role to play in creating thriving communities. We need strong partnerships between these sectors to imagine and contribute to solutions that benefit us all. Nonprofits have a leadership role to play in building relationships for governments, nonprofits and businesses to work together for the public benefits.

A Snapshot: ONN’s advances on behalf of the sector



  • Leading the charge on the Ontario Not-for-Profit Corporations Act to work with the Ontario government to communicate the impact on the sector, share information, and secure support for nonprofits to transition under the new Act
  • Shaping a labour force strategy and championing a decent work movement for our 1 million paid employees
  • Inspiring the creation of regional networks for nonprofits, like the Chatham-Kent Nonprofit Network and the emerging Toronto Nonprofit Network and a Peterborough-area network, to work together on common opportunities and issues