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Wireless Services Program

We’re excited to introduce the ONN Wireless Services Program, our latest ONN Purchasing Program offering available to all Ontario nonprofits and charities.

In the last two years, we have successfully launched three programs under the ONN Purchasing Program umbrella: ONN Employee Benefits, ONN Office Supplies and, most recently, the ONN Print Program. The new ONN Wireless Services Program is an excellent complement to these programs. The ONN Wireless Services Program is available to all Ontario nonprofits and charities.

We started work on the wireless services solution in the spring of 2017. As with the other ventures in the ONN Purchasing Program, we teamed up with purchasing partner Round Table Procurement Services (RTPS) to initiate the public Request for Proposal (RFP). The selection process was supported by our Supplier Selection Working Group, a volunteer group of dedicated nonprofit sector representatives with expertise in purchasing.

Our Wireless Services Partners

For wireless services, we looked into providers with competitive and customizable pricing, excellent customer support, and solutions that could be tailored to each unique nonprofit. As with the other programs in this initiative, our goal for wireless services was to select a partner or partners with an excellent understanding of our sector.

We are extremely pleased to announce that we have selected TELUS with Sky Wireless as our partners for the new ONN Wireless Services Program.

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All Ontario nonprofits and charities will have access to all TELUS wireless products and services via Sky Wireless, a TELUS dealer. This offering also includes a review of your current wireless services and potentially your business phone system for possible upgrades to the TELUS Business Connect cloud-based VoIP solution. Sky Wireless, located in Vaughan, serves all of Ontario and will be the primary point of contact for Ontario nonprofits for the ONN Wireless Services Program. All servicing, customer support and account management for TELUS wireless services will be provided by Sky Wireless for this ONN program.

What You Get With TELUS

  • Phones, devices and monthly wireless rates for ONN Wireless Services Program organizations to Sky Wireless
  • Contracts with Sky Wireless as the dealer to work with ONN Wireless Services Program organizations to access devices and suitable TELUS rate plans and other services according to their organization’s needs

What You Get With Sky Wireless

  • TELUS dealer selected for the ONN Wireless Services Program
  • One-stop shop for wireless sales, telecom support and service
  • First point of contact for personalized support; ONN Wireless Services Program organizations will contact Sky Wireless directly for support rather than TELUS
  • Dedicated account representative to analyze business needs for organizations; will review existing bills and contracts to determine best plan, devices and services for organizations – a service not available to standard retail customers
  • Competitive wireless plans each month: 2 and 3 year terms depending on the size of the organization and its unique needs
  • Pricing for organizations with 1-10 users per CRTC regulations: standard consumer pricing (per TELUS website)
  • Live support via phone, online chat and physical locations; also provides support via online portals, email and fax
  • Free set-up for new devices with quick shipping to your organization
  • Trade-in credits for older qualified devices
  • Repair services with a repair centre that can be visited in person
  • Free loaner devices if existing devices are being repaired via Sky Wireless
  • Free new product training
  • Provides ‘Business Connect’ service: Completes a review of older, high-cost landline phone systems and sets up new system with new phones and features (VOiP). Cloud based solution that can integrate with TELUS Cellular users to receive office phone calls- follow me feature
  • Waives online portal fees for online account management for ONN Wireless Services Program organizations
  • For ONN Wireless Services Program organizations with 50+ new activations with the TELUS Employee Pricing Plan: access hardware discounting and the consumer TELUS Your Choice Plans; employees receive 30% discount on any Your Choice plan for the first subscriber on the plan
  • Ontario-based organization with locations in Vaughan and Pickering

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Purchasing Matters!

The ONN Purchasing Program was created to help nonprofits simplify their buying decisions, while exploring opportunities for group savings.

For more information on our program and pricing, contact the ONN Purchasing Program team.

ONN Wireless Services Program Partners

TELUS provides best-in-class technology and wireless coverage to Canadians.  Via its network dealer, Sky Wireless, TELUS provides phones, devices and competitive monthly wireless rates for Ontario nonprofits and charities. Nonprofits access devices, rate plans and support services suitable to their organization’s needs.

Sky Wireless offers Ontario nonprofits the convenience of a one-stop shop to access wireless devices, telecom support and service. As the first point of contact, Sky Wireless provides personalized support, dedicated account management, free device setup, product training and repair services. Access live support online and via phone, email and physical locations. TELUS’ ‘Business Connect’ telecom service is also offered.

Round Table Procurement Services (RTPS) is ONN’s expert partner on the ONN Purchasing Program, which has launched the ONN Employee Benefits, ONN Office Supplies, ONN Print Program, and the new ONN Wireless Services Program within the last two years to help Ontario’s nonprofit sector buy better and save.