Nonprofits Driving Public Policy Series

Nonprofits Driving Public Policy

Strengthen your nonprofit’s capacity to engage in public policy

The Nonprofits Driving Public Policy series is a five-part webinar series to strengthen the capacity of nonprofits to actively participate in the development of public policy to influence positive change for communities. In partnership with Maytree, it features five skills and knowledge focused webinars to strengthen public policy strategy, sharpen communications, create networks and allies, and build the confidence of nonprofits to engage in the public policy process- from front line staff to executives and leadership volunteers.

Engaging the community to shape your organization’s priorities and decisions

What is public policy and does your nonprofit need a strategy

Seizing the electoral moment - Why it matters to all nonprofits

The five webinars in the series

  1. Seizing the electoral moment: why it matters to all nonprofits | January 17
  2. What is public policy and does your nonprofit need a strategy? | March 7
  3. Engaging the community to shape your organization’s priorities and decisions | April 18
  4. So you’ve got 30 minutes with the Minister. Now what? | June 20
  5. Strengthening your public policy strategy through collaboration | July 12

How the series can strengthen Ontario’s nonprofit sector

Nonprofits play an important role in creating effective public policy, changing broken systems and amplifying the diverse voices of the people and communities they serve. Many of the issues and opportunities for the people and communities we serve cross subsectors and geography. This is a chance to harness that knowledge, momentum and energy to create and influence public policy that reflects the real needs of people and places.

ONN is working to strengthen the capacity of Ontario’s 55,000 nonprofits to be engaged in the public policy process.

ONN advocates for public policy that enables nonprofits to better serve their missions and communities through our people, our financing and our regulatory environment. With a reach of over 20,000 across its network, ONN is partnering with Maytree and its Policy School and CivicsXchange programs in Toronto to connect nonprofits to experts and resources for more effective public policy. Our aim is to provide accessible, action-oriented resources to strengthen the sector’s role in creating, influencing and implementing better public policy for thriving communities.

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