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Webinar: Labour Force Phase II

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Ontario NFP Corporations Act

New developments on the ONCA


New Year, New Beginnings

A new year and new beginnings for ONN



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2014 Provincial Budget is coming! Read the 8 recommendations in our pre-budget submission.

Anti-Spam Legislation and Nonprofits

Top 10 things nonprofits needs to know about anti-spam legislation! Find out what this means for your nonprofit to get ready for July 1st!


ONN Group Insurance

We’ve got you covered: Insurance savings of 30% or more. Call today for your free quote! Provincial power gets you the most competitive rates and the most extensive coverage for your organization and employees, and their families. An exclusive benefit of ONN Membership, your nonprofit insurance guide is here!

ONN’s Nonprofit Registry for Public Benefit Land

Looking for real estate for your nonprofit? Eligible nonprofits can get advance access to surplus lands in Ontario- another Open for Business win! Register today!

Shaping the Future: Leadership in Ontario’s Nonprofit Labour Force

See what critical labour force challenges have been identified for Ontario’s nonprofit leadership and next steps to build a sector strategy.

Save the Date!

ONN Conference 2014 is Sept. 17- 18!


Read about CLEO and their “Get Ready for the ONCA” project to support nonprofits as they transition under the Ontario Not-for-Profit Corporations Act. See three key developments on the ONCA and further changes the sector is asking for.