Resource Spotlight

CPA Canada’s Not-for-Profit Certificate Program

CPA Canada has developed an unparalleled program to help empower not-for-profit professionals. The new Not-for-Profit Certificate Program, will help enhance your technical skills as a not-for-profit board member or accountant.


CPA Canada’s Not-for-Profit Executive Forum

Embrace Change | February 26-27, 2018 | Toronto, ON or attend virtually

Change is inevitable. But it can also be a powerful catalyst for a better future. At CPA Canada’s 2018 Not-for-Profit Executive Forum, you will learn how to leverage the opportunities that disruption brings to increase the impact of your organization’s work.



ONN’s Growing Library of Items

ONN’s focus is to help create a strong and resilient nonprofit sector. Part of our work is creating and widely sharing helpful resources for nonprofits across Ontario. We operate under Creative Commons Attribution- NonCommercial 4.0 International Licence, so you can share, print and post widely! If possible, we always appreciate crediting: “Created by the Ontario Nonprofit Network”.

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