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Head shot of Kate Browning

Kate Browning

Business Development and Strategic Partnerships Manager
Kate joined the ONN team in August 2015 as Communications Manager on a secondment from her role as Timeraiser Program Manager. Kate now manages ONN’s business development and strategic partnerships. With over six years of nonprofit sector experience in a wide span of roles, Kate brings a fresh and unique perspective to help strengthen and grow ONN and its network.

Head shot of Lynn Eakin

Lynn Eakin

Policy Advisor
Lynn has been providing consulting services to the nonprofit sector since 1989. Currently Lynn, one of the founding members of ONN, is involved in better positioning the sector to address the cross-cutting policy issues it faces. She continues to engage in sector research and is involved with ONN in identifying, developing and advocating for systemic reforms to improve the ability of the sector to undertake its important work. For more on Lynn’s background, see her website:

Head shot of Kim Gignac

Kim Gignac

Operations and Membership Services Manager
At ONN since 2010, Kim has a strong commitment to the nonprofit sector. Prior to relocating to Toronto, Kim worked in southwestern Ontario for the Ontario Environment Network as a project manager, overseeing a two-year initiative that focused on enhancing collaboration among environmental groups. She has also worked as a project manager for the Municipality of Chatham-Kent, and as an instructor at St. Clair College, where she taught Business Communications and Advanced Computer Applications. A systems thinker, Kim holds a Masters of Arts in Political Science from the University of Windsor, where she studied the restructuring of provincial health care systems. Kim enjoys repairing electronics in her spare time.

Monina F headshot

Monina Febria

Decent Work Project Lead
Monina joined ONN as our Decent Work Project Lead in March 2017. She will continue to build a decent work movement in the nonprofit sector through policy advocacy, resources, practices and more – including leading our pension plan framework into implementation. She knows the sector and network building well, coming most recently from the Toronto Region Immigrant Employment Council where she worked for five years, connecting over 100 professional immigrant networks, community agencies and other stakeholders in the immigrant employment landscape. Her previous experience includes research, policy, and member services work for the federal government, the Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants and Amnlae La Casa de la Mujer (Nicaragua), among others. Monina has an MA in Globalization & International Development (Specialization in Gender Studies) from the University of Ottawa.

Head shot of Ben Liadsky

Ben Liadsky

Evaluation Program Associate
Ben joined the ONN in 2015. He has more than seven years of experience working in the nonprofit sector in a variety of capacities from project management to fundraising to communications. He holds a master’s degree in International Studies with specialization in Global Environmental Policy from the University of Northern British Columbia where his research focused on the role of local governments and transnational environmental networks in addressing climate change. When not reading away, he can be found on his bike – if you can catch him that is.

Sarah M headshot

Sarah Matsushita

Communications and Network Engagement Manager
Sarah joined ONN in 2013, bringing with her over ten years experience in the nonprofit sector at local, regional and international organizations. Most recently she managed communications and advocacy for a women’s rights network across Asia Pacific, and marketed a nonprofit social enterprise for women entrepreneurs on the Thai-Burma border. Her nonprofit sector experience in Canada includes fundraising and event production at the Toronto International Film Festival, and capital campaign fundraising for the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre. She holds a degree in political science from McMaster University and a public relations post-grad certificate from Humber College. Sarah has been a volunteer for refugee organizations, engaging communities to hear the voices and stories of refugees in conflict areas.

Head shot of Amisha Shah

Amisha Shah

Administrative Coordinator
Amisha joined the ONN team in 2015, bringing with her a fresh perspective on daily administration and coordination. Prior to joining the team, Amisha worked at St. Michael’s Hospital on an implementation project to update business processes. She attended McMaster University to complete a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Religious Studies. She later completed a post-graduate certificate in Public Administration from Humber College, doing her placement with ONN in 2013. In her spare time, Amisha provides mentorship to various young professionals in the nonprofit sector.

Head shot of Liz Sutherland

Liz Sutherland

Policy Advisor
Liz joined ONN in 2015 to lead policy files on funding reform, pensions, police record checks, and other policy and regulatory issues. She has worked on policy development and advocacy concerning many issues facing the sector – from health and social policy, to procurement and HR issues, to the transformation of funding models. Her nonprofit experience includes roles for organizations focused on anti-poverty, a national children’s alliance and women’s health. She has five years of government policy experience at the federal level in employment and social development, and public health. Originally from Ottawa, Liz holds a master’s degree in Political Science from the University of Victoria. She’s an active volunteer leader and sits on the boards of Cycle Toronto and Planned Parenthood Toronto.

Head shot of Cathy Taylor

Cathy Taylor

Executive Director
Cathy has been a member of the ONN team since June 2012. Throughout her 20 years working in the nonprofit sector, including as the founding Executive Director of the Volunteer Centre of Guelph/Wellington, she has been passionate about collaboration and leadership in the sector. Cathy works with sector colleagues from across Ontario and Canada, as well as private sector and government officials, to create an enabling policy environment for nonprofit organizations. Cathy’s roots are in the environmental movement and she has been active in municipal politics. She holds a degree in political studies and history from Queen’s University, and attended the Maytree-York University Executive Directors Leadership program. Outside of work, she enjoys time with her family and her garden in Erin, Ontario.

Pamela U headshot

Pamela Uppal

Project Lead, A Decent Work Approach: Women’s work in the nonprofit sector
Pamela has been part of the non-profit sector for the past 10 years, including as co-director of a nonprofit student group at her alma matter and as a multi-lingual caseworker in Peel. Recently, she was the Project Coordinator for The Regional Diversity Roundtable, working on issues of diversity, equity and inclusion in the human services sector. She is a multi-lingual Partner Assault Response Group Facilitator. She holds an undergraduate degree in Philosophy and Women & Gender Studies from the University of Toronto and a Masters degree in Women Studies & Feminist Research from Western University. Her interests include gender mainstreaming, impact assessment, program development, service systems and social change processes.