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The importance of a trusted wireless services partner

A Challenging Market

The wireless services market is complicated. Navigating through ever-changing options and products in the marketplace and staying abreast of new technologies that could help your staff get the job done takes a lot of effort. Ensuring that your organization’s current mix of cell phones and wireless plans are meeting your needs at the best price requires no small amount of experience. It is a daunting task that can either consume a fair amount of your staff’s time, or be largely ignored, especially if you don’t have in-house resources to rely on.

Wireless-related questions and concerns abound:

– Are we on the right wireless plan?

– How do I know this plan is a good deal?

– What is the best roaming package?

– Are we using the most appropriate devices?

– When can I upgrade my phones? When should I?

– The customer support reps at the 1-800 support number don’t understand our needs.

– I can’t understand my wireless bill! What am I paying for?

The fact is that being able to turn to a reliable wireless services provider is like having a good auto mechanic – you need someone that you can trust.

The ONN Purchasing Program presents an alternative

The ONN Purchasing Program is pleased to announce its latest solution – the ONN Wireless Services Program with partners TELUS Corporation and Sky Wireless Communications. The program consists of a competitively-priced mix of wireless products and services, and it also includes value-add services such as free new product training, repair services, and live support. But the most important benefit of the program is access to a dedicated Sky Wireless account representative whose job it is to analyze the unique needs of nonprofit organizations, review existing bills and contracts, and recommend options based on a pre-negotiated TELUS offering. This is a service that can add significant value to your organization.

TELUS and Sky Wireless were selected as ONN Purchasing Program preferred vendors through a competitive process that involved ONN member representation and was fully compliant with the Broader Public Sector Procurement Directive. The ONN Wireless Services Program applies to Ontario nonprofits and charities of all sizes, from the very small to the very large.

The TELUS/Sky Wireless combination offers a valuable wireless services alternative. It combines the broad coverage and deep product offering of TELUS with the hands-on consultative approach of Sky Wireless – a service not available to nonprofit organizations contacting any of the big wireless providers directly. The key difference is the trusted advisor role of Sky Wireless. Sky Wireless will work with individual nonprofits to create a wireless package that’s the right size for your organization and ensure that it’s cost effective and meets your needs on an ongoing basis.

How a trusted advisor can help

Here are just a few ways Sky Wireless can help your organization:

– Analyze needs and match them against the most appropriate TELUS offering to tailor a custom solution for your organization;

– Audit existing wireless invoices to recommend changes to improve service and reduce cost;

– Lend an ear to answer any wireless-related questions as they arise, regardless of what they are (they’re there to help!);

– Maximize the value-for-money of your organization’s wireless investment;

– Discuss additional opportunities for telecom improvement, and identify significant cost savings opportunities, especially through the application of well-established technologies such as VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) which can replace your existing “landline” phone lines; and,

– Help your organization navigate new and emerging wireless technologies.

The new ONN Wireless Services Program exists to provide peace of mind to your organization, knowing that your wireless services are both appropriate and cost-effective. Less time spent worrying about and dealing with your wireless services means more time to invest in your organization’s work to strengthen Ontario communities.

If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact our team at the ONN Purchasing Program: onnpp@rtps.ca.

David Rourke

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