Sector 360°: Taking the pulse of Ontario’s Nonprofit Sector

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Help us take the pulse of Ontario’s nonprofit sector

ONN invites you to take our Sector 360° survey. One year since the 2018 provincial election, ONN is interested in exploring how the sector is faring with its funding and programs. The objective of the survey is to gather information on how recent decisions made by the Ontario government are directly and indirectly impacting nonprofits across Ontario. 

We also intend to gather perspectives to identify nonprofits’ current capacity to meet organizational needs and community demands, how nonprofits will address its operations if they have experienced funding changes, and to solicit ideas on how the sector can be supported.

Who this survey is for

This survey is open to nonprofits, charities and nonprofit co-operatives with a mission to serve a public benefit, including grassroots groups in Ontario. 

The survey should be completed by a representative (e.g. executive director or management staff) who can speak to your organization’s overall finances and programming. Only one person from your organization should fill out the survey. 

What you need for the survey

Before you begin, you will need your current annual budget and most recent (audited) financial statements to help you fill out parts of the survey. 

Why this survey matters for the sector

This is your organization’s opportunity to contribute to the evidence base for policy advocacy. We want to know how your organization is doing and what that means for the community you serve.

The survey should take approximately 10-20 minutes. The findings from this survey will build an evidence base to quantify and qualify the impact of changes affecting nonprofits in Ontario, as well as inform ONN’s public policy work and strategies to support the sector. The survey results will be shared publicly in a final report in September of this year.