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ONN has created handy and eye-catching resources for your work in the nonprofit sector.

Feel free to share widely with your networks and contacts for non-commercial purposes only. ONN uses the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International (CC BY-NC 4.0) for our materials, so you can share, print and post widely.

Crediting: Created by the Ontario Nonprofit Network.

Accessibility for Nonprofits

What is accessibility and why are nonprofit organizations positioned to lead the way in accessible communities across Ontario? In order to advocate, engage and lead on this issue, what does your nonprofit need to know about the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act? This infographic was created for ONN’s 2015-2016 EnAbling Nonprofits Ontario project.


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Rural Vitality: Rural social enterprise

How do we maintain, restore, and enhance community resources and assets? Our new infographic, in partnership with and the Canadian CED Network, explores what rural social enterprise is and how we can support it.

Snapshot of infographic

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Nonprofits Step Up: The role of nonprofits in democracy

Nonprofits are the bridge between our communities and government. How can we, as a sector, step up and help lead civic engagement? This infographic was created in collaboration with Samara Canada.

Infographic screenshot

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Ontario Nonprofit Sector – Creating Vibrant Communities

Did you know the Ontario nonprofit sector generates $50 billion in economic impact in the province? This represents 2.6% of the GDP, more than the auto manufacturing and retail industries, with a labour force of 1,000,000. Learn more about the impact of the sector on economies and communities in Ontario Nonprofit Sector – Building Thriving and Prosperous Communities:

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The Ontario Government: A Snapshot

So, how can nonprofits advocate with the Government of Ontario for a better sector? Check out this infographic to get an Advocacy 101 lesson – find out what methods work well, who to engage, and how to tap into your networks for success!

Infographic describing how nonprofit advocacy works

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evaluation principles


4-Part Comic Series:

 Evaluation Comic 2

Evaluation Comic 3



Evaluation comic 4