Let’s reverse cuts to communities


Let’s get the government to reverse a $15 million cut to communities

The government has just put your community at risk by withdrawing a promised $15 million to Ontario Trillium Foundation (OTF); money that would have been granted out to community projects.

Funding that would have strengthened communities won’t be distributed. Like funding to fix the ice rink roof, support a local festival, buy community play equipment, provide meals to vulnerable people, and create jobs. We don’t want to see this happen – and we don’t think you do, either. You, your community, your neighbours, and your local nonprofits deserve better. So let’s convince the government to reverse this decision. Write to your MPP today. And ask others to, as well.  


Write today and say:

OTF’s $15 million funding needs to be restored. That funding is so valuable. It:

  • Strengthens local economies and community services
  • Create jobs
  • Meets real community need

And that funding is not easily replaced. Foundations, municipalities, and donors cannot fill the funding gap the government has just created. OTF is the only province-wide fund for all organizations, regardless of size or subsector, to support important community initiatives. In many rural and small communities, OTF is the only community grant-maker.

The government should keep its funding promise to OTF and to the hundreds of communities that rely on that money. We ask that the government reverse this decision right away and restore vital community funding.



Explain you want OTF’s $15 million restored, and share personal stories of how OTF funding has helped your community. Your MPP’s constituency office phone numbers and email addresses are online. Write to the MPP today and follow up with an in-person meeting shortly. Meet now while the legislature is in recess; your MPP will be available in your riding. When writing to your MPP, be sure to copy the Minister of Tourism, Culture and Sport, Michael Tibollo: minister.mtcs@ontario.ca.

Enlist other local nonprofits and charities in the action. Write to your local community newspapers, call your local talk radio show and push out your points on social media (being sure to tag your local MPP). We have sent out a press release. Why not modify ours and send it to your local press? 

Share this with friends and colleagues who care about thriving communities.



On Friday, December 14 the Toronto Star reported that the government had cut $15 million from OTF’s current budget. This reduction will hurt communities, for several reasons.

OTF funding strengthens local economies and community services

  • OTF provides critical investments in community services and facilities across this province – to organizations such as food banks, sports facilities, arts organizations and social service providers. These funds contribute to building strong communities, from Windsor to Dryden, and from Niagara to Perth.
  • Not counting programs it administers for other ministries, OTF invested $100 million directly in the community economy in 2016-2017.
  • Through its Seed, Grow, and Collective Impact streams, OTF funded 469 projects in 2016-2017 that will impact over 750,000 Ontarians over three years.
  • OTF’s 203 capital grants in 2016-2017 invested $22.4 million into nonprofits, First Nations, and small municipalities.


OTF funding creates jobs

  • OTF’s grants support job creation in local communities, hiring people to improve community health and well-being. These are meaningful jobs for both the employees and program participants.
  • OTF’s capital grants in particular also support the purchasing of goods from local suppliers and the hiring of local contractors. These are spin-off benefits for the local economy that will be reduced with OTF’s funding cut.


OTF meets real community needs

  • OTF is the only province-wide grant system that covers the entire province and all parts of the nonprofit sector (like arts, sports, environment, and social services).
  • Because granting decisions are made by regional volunteer committees, grants are highly responsive to what communities need.


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