Our Policy Priorities: Labour Market Information



Advocate for useful data and research on the nonprofit sector’s labour force, volunteer base, and economic impact


Workforce planning and assessing sector-wide economic impact are impossible without data.

There is a critical shortage of high-quality, relevant, and current data on the nonprofit labour force and economy in Ontario and Canada. Without robust nonprofit sector LMI (broken down by different identity markers), our sector cannot easily engage in workforce planning. Without current economic impact information, it is more difficult to tell the story of our sector’s critical contributions to society and make the case for investment in our work.


ONN supports the call for Statistics Canada to regularly publish robust data on the Canadian and Ontario nonprofit sectors, including LMI and data on the economic impact of nonprofits (including nonprofit social enterprises), charities, and co-operatives. ONN also encourages the Ontario Government to recognize the importance of the nonprofit sector to our provincial labour market and local economies and support our sector’s integrated workforce planning.


Advocate for Statistics Canada to:

  • Follow up its March 2019 release of the Satellite Account of Not-for-profit Institutions report with a regular release on the sector every two years.
  • Consult regularly with the nonprofit sector on issues related to macroeconomic data, for example, to ensure that industrial and occupational classifications can support nonprofit sector workforce planning.

Advocate for the Government of Ontario to:

  • Collect and share openly nonprofit organizational data under the proposed business registry (to be implemented as part of the Ontario Not-for-Profit Corporations Act, or ONCA, by 2020)
  • Explore a partnership with the nonprofit sector in collecting data for a strong labour market strategy, including coordinated workforce development.

Work with the Ontario nonprofit sector (and nonprofits across Canada) to:

  • Inform Statistics Canada’s next general survey of the nonprofit sector in Canada so as to ensure data are useful, through Imagine Canada’s Data Working Group.
  • Explore administrative data sharing for improved service delivery, innovation, research and development, and advocacy through Powered By Data’s Administrative Data Coalition.