Communicating about Impact

Learning Together

Six Simple Tips for Communicating about Impact

One of the tricks to succeeding at outcome evaluation happens before you even get to the stage of designing surveys or completing reports. It involves focusing your measurement on a small number of concrete and measurable outcomes that are more or less within your control. Picking those outcomes can be challenging, and explaining them effectively to your target audiences can take some practice, but it is important to being able to effectively get your message across. These are strategies designed to help you get into the habit of talking about your work in impact language. Here we offer a few simple tips that might be helpful, even if you don’t have a lot of impact data yet.

Six Tips

Build your message to talk about the specific action you are taking.
Explain why your plan for impact is viable.
Avoid outlier stories that don’t link strongly to your core outcomes.
Build messages that demonstrate your willingness to collaborate and learn
Build focused and consistent outcome messages
Build messages that connect with your audience