Decent Work: It’s happening

Decent Work

It’s needed  |  It’s not difficult  |  It’s happening; join in

It’s happening. Across the sector, around the province, nonprofits are being decent work champions and leaders. Join in.

It’s not hard to find decent work being discussed, promoted and implemented in our sector. We see it all the time; for example from:

  • The hundred of nonprofits that have begun the process of securing a pension for their teams
  • The women carrying the decent work movement forward: Voices Carry
  • Organizations like North York Community House which have signed a decent work charter as an important acknowledgement of their commitment to decent work

decent work champion

Bill Sinclair, the executive director of St. Stephen’s Community House, is making decent work happen. Bill worked with staff, leadership and the board of directors to use tools like the checklist to help track his organization’s progress in building a culture of decent work. Developing the checklist helped to spur further employee engagement, across unionized and non-unionized staff. “Being committed to decent work is in our DNA. We want our neighbours to have decent work so that we can have a thriving, vibrant neighbourhood. We want our participants to have decent work to escape poverty and build a better life for their families. We want our employees to have decent work to be able to focus on our mission and build a strong organization.”

Join the movement

Let us know what you’re doing to create decent work or how we can help. Connect with our decent work team today:

We’re grateful for the financial support of the Atkinson Foundation and Status of Women Canada, which is helping us to explore and build decent work in Ontario’s nonprofit sector.