Provincial Budget 2018

Pre-Budget Submission

We propose three key building blocks to create momentum towards a shared government-nonprofit sector partnership for a more sustainable economy and inclusive society.


  • The Ontario Government should facilitate a nonprofit sector workforce development strategy and greater economic impact through better data on the sector and pension regulations that reflect the priorities of the nonprofit sector:
    • Give the proposed Ontario Statistics Office a mandate to collect labour market information and economic impact data on the Ontario nonprofit sector, informed by advice from the sector
    • Develop a regulatory framework for non-unionized workplaces to participate in target-benefit Multi-Employer Pension Plans, in consultation with the nonprofit sector
  • The Ontario Government should support decent work for people working in the nonprofit sector through modernized, stable funding agreements that reflect the real cost of business:
    • Incorporate the increased labour costs associated with BIll 148 (and any further regulatory changes under the Employment Standards Act, such as the proposed elimination of exemptions from overtime pay for supervisors) into transfer payment agreements for 2018-2019 and beyond
    • Incorporate routine inflationary increases for all ongoing transfer payment agreements with nonprofits across Ministries
    • Promote decent work more generally in the nonprofit sector by offering longer-term funding agreements that reflect real costs, including coverage of health benefits and pension premiums, along with proportional indirect costs for critical functions such as research and program innovation
    • Continue to prioritize the transfer payment modernization process to realize the promise of a reduced administrative burden for both the nonprofit sector and government in order to free up resources for planning, program design, and service delivery
  • The Ontario Government should help build community capacity by delivering on the promise of community hubs:
    • Expand nonprofit access to capital funding and low-cost loans via the Infrastructure Ontario Loans Program so that all categories of nonprofit community hubs are eligible
    • Accelerate the development of multi-Ministry, multi-program funding agreements for nonprofit community hubs
    • Use the existing Nonprofit Lands Registry to make surplus public — and broader public sector land — available for nonprofit community groups to purchase in advance of going on the open market

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