COVID-19 flash survey infographics for Ontario nonprofits

Ontario’s nonprofit sector represents 58,000 nonprofits, each with their own needs and challenges as a result of COVID-19 impacts. Together, we can advocate on behalf of all nonprofits to strengthen our voice and amplify our advocacy efforts.

Feel free to use these infographics to advance your own advocacy efforts. We encourage you to share widely with your networks and contacts. We operate under a Creative Commons Non-Commercial Licence, so you can share, print and post widely. And if possible, we always appreciate crediting: Created by the Ontario Nonprofit Network.

You can download images individually from the slides or download a PDF of all infographics here.

Please note that these infographics visualize data gathered from the ONN COVID-19 Flash Survey completed in March and April 2020. For full survey analysis and information, please see our COVID-19 Flash Survey Results page.