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Dan Weber (; @iamdanweber) is an Executive-in-Residence with Capacity Canada, his first nonprofit role after a career in the private sector that included leadership in sales, operations and project management. Capacity Canada ( is a national registered charity that brings together the ideas, people and resources that fuel social innovation. Our vision is to change lives through courageous community organizations. We are accomplishing this by providing nonprofit leaders new resources and professional support that enhances leadership skills, stimulates cross-sector collaboration, promotes knowledge sharing, and encourages social innovation.

Don’t let evaluation become the elephant in the room
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Don’t let evaluation become the elephant in the room

Evaluation… Impact Assessment… Reporting… Simple in concept, but capable of causing severe challenges for your organization if not properly managed. So, why are many nonprofits missing this important piece? In the private sector, where my experience lies, measurement and evaluation is relatively straightforward: Return on investment. Profitability. Efficiency and effectiveness. In the nonprofit world as I’m learning, however, measurement and evaluation is much more complicated....

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06 Feb 2017