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Advocacy Rules – Nonprofits and Democratic Participation:

Charities request charity law reform to protect free speech, article on Charity Village, January 4, 2017

News release: Canadians and charities seek changes to federal charity law, December 14, 2016

Action Alert: Review on Charities’ Political Activities, November 2016 – Recommendations to the Government of Canada for the review of charities’ political activities, to focus on charitable purposes, not activities.

Bill 2, Election Finances Statute Law Amendment Act, November 2016 – Letter to Hon. Grant Crack, Chair, Standing Committee on General Government, re. concern about definition of “political advertising” and its effect on nonprofits’ public policy advocacy during elections.

ONN Issues Paper – Lobbyists Registration Act, October 2016

Bill 201, Election Finances Statute Law Amendment Act, 2016, August 2016 –  Letter to Hon. Grant Crack, Chair, Standing Committee on General Government, re. concern about an element of the Bill that could effectively prevent nonprofits from participating in nonpartisan policy debate during provincial election campaigns in Ontario

Webinar: We Need to Talk About “Lobbying”: Changes to the Lobbyists Registration Act that will affect Ontario nonprofits, June 29, 2016; view the slides from the webinar

ONN Briefing Note – Six Things You Need to Know About the Lobbyists Registration Act, June 16, 2016

Bill 181, Municipal Elections Modernization Act, May 2016 – Submission to the Standing Committee on Finance and Economic Affairs. ONN and others were successful in obtaining changes to the Municipal Elections Modernization Act, 2016. Bill 181 threatened the ability of charities and nonprofits to raise issues during election campaigns by requiring them to register as “registered third parties” and labelled their communications as “third-party advertising.” Now you only have to register if you are promoting, supporting or opposing a candidate for political office (partisan activity). Charities and nonprofits will continue to be free to raise issues in a nonpartisan way during the election period without registering. A win for democracy!

Trend Analysis:

Leadership in Changing Times: Trend Analysis for Nonprofit Leaders & Boards