Provincial Budget

Provincial Budget 2017


4 bold recommendations

1. Grow the social economy through a nonprofit sector labour market strategy

2. Support decent work for people in the nonprofit sector

3. Build community capacity by delivering on the promise of community hubs

4. Reverse the 21.7% reduction in base funding for the Ontario Trillium Foundation

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Provincial Budget 2016

6 bold recommendations for the 2016 Budget

Decent work and a decent retirement

1. Support the development of nonprofit sector labour market information and expand business development supports to the nonprofit sector.

2. Build ORPP employer premiums into funding agreements with nonprofits, support nonprofit engagement with other funders (including federal and municipal governments) to do the same, and work with the nonprofit sector to help build pensions literacy amongst Ontarians.

Community benefits and social procurement

3. Develop a cross-government policy framework to support the community benefit principle enshrined in the Infrastructure for Jobs and Prosperity Act.

4. Develop a social procurement strategy for Ontario.

Community hubs and funding reform

5. Enable nonprofit access to capital by expanding the Realty Disposal Publication Website to include the broader public sector, expanding eligibility for Infrastructure Ontario loans to include a broad range of community hub operators, and facilitating access to capital grants.

6. Work with community hubs to pilot-test integrated and sustainable funding agreements across multiple provincial program streams as part of the Transfer Payment Administrative Modernization project.

Provincial Budget 2015

ONN’s 4 recommendations for the 2015 Budget

Unlocking Assets for Community Benefit

  1. Put unused funds to work
  2. Free up public lands for public use
  3. Make purchases count for community
  4. Kick-start nonprofit pension planning

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