Our Financing

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Government Investment (Funding) Reform

Many nonprofits deliver publicly-funded programs and services. Modernizing the transfer payment administrative process at the provincial level would maximize efficiency and effectiveness. Learn more about a new process in partnership with the nonprofit sector.

Sector Purchasing Support & Strategy

Together, the nonprofit sector has significant purchasing power- an estimated $30 billion! However, we know individual nonprofits can face significant purchasing challenges. Nonprofits want supplier solutions that not only help save time and money, but ensure levels of quality and service. Find out more about ONN’s purchasing program and access free resources.

Social Enterprise

How can we strengthen social enterprise and the social economy in Ontario? ONN is focused on creating an enabling environment for social enterprise by opening access through structures, financing and best practices. Check out a vibrant showcase of social enterprises on SEOntario.org and learn more about the work to connect, support and grow rural social enterprise.

Social Impact Bonds

We’ve been watching the development of social impact bonds (SIBs) and the interest surrounding them for some time. SIBs as currently designed are not sustainable for the nonprofit sector unless they include the delivery organization in contract negotiation, program and evaluation design, ensure full cost recovery and include revenue sharing for the nonprofit. Find out more about our work developing SIB policy principles from a nonprofit perspective.

Transfer Payment Administration Modernization (TPAM)

On behalf of the sector, ONN is actively engaged in ongoing discussions to reduce the administrative burden for provincially-funded nonprofits through the nonprofit-government Joint Funding Reform Forum.