Community Benefits & Social Procurement

What is Social Procurement?

What we buy matters—and who we buy from matters just as much. Some individuals use purchasing power to support particular goals, like buying Canadian-made products or fair trade coffee. They do this because they know that “value for money” goes beyond getting a good deal; it includes supporting organizations that they want to see stick around.

With billions at their disposal, governments and other public benefit organizations have so much more purchasing power—and the same principle applies. How do we make sure that these entities have a positive social impact when they spend?

Social procurement just means taking the opportunity that comes with every purchase to leverage spending for further investments in communities, which can create ripple effects with our collectively spent public dollars.

Social procurement can help public benefit organizations put their purchasing dollars to work not just once, but twice by supporting social enterprise and other community benefits, at no extra cost.

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Community Benefits | What are we doing?

ONN is currently working with our partners to develop a cross-government framework on community benefits, following up on the Government of Ontario’s Bill 6, Infrastructure for Jobs and Prosperity Act, 2015, which included a community benefits principle.

We are also letting nonprofits and other stakeholders know about the opportunities to keep more of the value of large infrastructure investments in communities.