Public Benefit Nonprofits

Public Benefit Nonprofits

Not all nonprofits are the same. There needs to be legal and regulatory distinctions made between nonprofits focused on benefiting the public and those benefiting their members.


Some nonprofits have a mission focused on serving their members, such as trade associations and private clubs. But public benefit nonprofits are different. Public benefit nonprofits — charities, nonprofit organizations and non-profit co-ops — have a mission to serve the public. They operate for the good of the public, they reinvest excess revenue back into meeting their mission, and they retain their assets in the public domain for the public good.

Public benefit nonprofits create better, move vibrant, creative, and inclusive communities. And they would be able to do even more for us all if laws and policies clearly distinguished between public benefit and member benefit nonprofits.



Report: Introducing the Public Benefit Nonprofit Sector