Our People

ONN Conference 2012 Group Around Table

Connect the Sector Fellowship

We’ve partnered with Connect the Sector to help connect leaders across generations on major policy issues in the nonprofit sector. Together, they’re creating strategic solutions to shared platforms, data, the labour force and funding and investment reform.

Decent Work

As a sector, we are also a major employer in our province, and one of the fastest growing segments of Ontario’s labour market. The decent work movement presents an opportunity for our sector to act as a champion of working conditions and social policies that not only ensure dignified and supportive work environments for employees, but also support the overall health and effectiveness of the nonprofit sector.

EnAbling Nonprofits Ontario

We are committed to building awareness and promoting accessibility. In 2015 and 2016, we worked with the sector to share tools and resources to help integrate accessibility into the culture of Ontario’s nonprofit sector. We will continue to promote accessibility and keep the sector updated on relevant legislation and policy.

Labour Force Strategy

With over 1 million paid workers in Ontario, it takes a province to build a strategy for the nonprofit work force. See what opportunities have been identified and next steps the sector is taking together. Add your collaborative work to the conversation and get news directly.

Pensions and Nonprofits

ONN’s pensions task force is exploring the feasibility of a multi-employer pension plan for Ontario’s nonprofit and charitable sector. We aim for this plan to be affordable for workers and nonprofits, to share risks carefully, to provide adequate benefits, and to be easy to administer.

Police Record Checks

Now is the time for a province-wide solution to the costs and long wait-times for conducting police record checks, when they may not be necessary and other mechanisms could protect vulnerable sectors better. Read about new legislation and next steps.