EnAbling Nonprofits Webinar Series

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In 2015 and 2016, the EnAbling Nonprofits webinar series was created to help nonprofits learn about inclusive practices and understand their requirements under the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA). All recordings and downloads are available below.

An AODA Refresher for Nonprofits

In Fall 2015, we hosted a webinar series that reviewed key components of the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA).  The recording is now available to provide your nonprofit with an introductory overview of accessibility.

Webinars based on organizational size

The AODA has particular requirements for organizations that have less than 50 employees and other requirements for those organizations with 50+ employees.

Accessibility for organizations with less than 50 staff

Accessibility for organizations with 50 or more staff

Creating Accessibility Policies for your Organization

What AODA policies does your nonprofit need and, how do you get started? This webinar provides an opportunity for nonprofits of all sizes to learn about creating policies related to the Customer Service Standard and the Integrated Accessibility Standard.  Receive tips on wording, download policy templates, and find out how to draft policies that allow your nonprofit to stay compliant and relevant.

Board Members: AODA Overview and Compliance

Board members are legally responsible to ensure that their nonprofit organization meets the requirements of the AODA, within the timeframes set by the law.  What is their role is in ensuring AODA compliance and sustainability? How can they play a role in assisting nonprofit organizations in meeting requirements? Nonprofits are encouraged to share this webinar with their board members. 

Accessibility Resources for Bilingual Nonprofits

Does your nonprofit need to provide bilingual information on the AODA and accessibility issues to your communities, staff, and members? While most of Ontario’s accessibility resources are primarily written in English, we invited leading bilingual disability champion nonprofits to share their resources and tips.  Find out what tools are out there for you in both French and English!

The following co-hosts joined us to share their organization’s bilingual resources:

Watch the recordingDownload the slides

#EnAbleONT Tweet Chats

In addition to webinars, we joined our fellow nonprofits on Twitter to chat about accessibility and the AODA. To continue the discussion, please follow @o_n_n and #EnAbleONT.

All webinars were presented by Constance Exley

Constance Exley is the CEO of Accessibility Ontario and has led AODA workshops and webinars to over 2,000 organizationsConstance has worked on EnAbling Change projects for several years to provide AODA education and training to nonprofits and businesses throughout the province. Constance is currently the Project Facilitator, Curriculum and Training for the Ontario Nonprofit Network’s year-long EnAbling Nonprofits Project and the Project Manager for the Ontario BIA Association’s “Abilities-Smart Businesses” initiative. Constance holds a Bachelor of Education degree and Masters in Urban Planning.

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