Our Partnerships

ONN Conference 2014 Election Mania

ONN Government Consultation Guide 2016

This is a guide for government representatives who would like to seek out the perspectives of Ontario’s nonprofit and charitable sector. It is intended to spark dialogue and action to strengthen government-nonprofit sector relations through its recommendations for improved consultation approaches. It provides an overview of the broad scope of the nonprofit sector’s work, opportunities to consult the sector throughout the policy and program cycle, and principles of engagement.

ONN Nonprofit Registry for Public Benefit Lands

Looking for land or facilities for your nonprofit? Find out more about this first-of-its kind registry in Ontario giving eligible nonprofits access to surplus government lands before they go on the open market.

Ontario Government Mandate Letters – September 2016

ONN analyzed the mandate letters to identify issues affecting the nonprofit sector as a whole.

Provincial Budget & Ontario Nonprofits

Nonprofits play a key role in keeping community well-being at the centre of provincial budget decisions. Read our Budget submission and analysis and hear other nonprofit voices on how provincial resources are allocated.