Ontario Election 2014

Election 2014 results are in!

The June 2014 election results are in. So, what does this mean for the nonprofit sector? Click here to find out.

OntarioGovernment.ASnapshotNew ministries and ministers (PDF) for the Ontario government. Check out our cool new infographic with provincial partners! Download it: Ontario Government: A Snapshot (PDF)

The 2014 Budget is out (re-released in its identical form from May). Read ONN’s analysis.


How to get involved in Election 2014?

ONN has launched an election resource kit, including 5 key priorities for the sector, plus tools for nonprofits to make sure candidates of all parties know about the sector’s impact in our communities. Whether it’s meeting with your candidates, participating in town halls or sharing messages and priorities in your communication channels, ONN is encouraging all organizations to “do one thing” this election!

Already engaged this election? Let us know what your organization is doing and help inspire others to get involved. Contact Sarah at sarah@theonn.ca.

5 Key Priorities for Ontario’s Nonprofit Sector

 ONN posed five key questions to party leaders to find out how their parties would  address sector priorities.

ONN Election – 5 Key Priorities for the Nonprofit Sector

Ontario Liberal Party Response
Ontario PC Response
Green Party of Ontario Response
Ontario NDP Response

Dropping the what? The Writ has dropped in Ontario… the impact for the nonprofit sector

During the election period, Members of Provincial Parliament (MPPs), including ministers, are on the campaign trail if they’re seeking re-election. The introduction of policies, regulations and legislation, or any decisions regarding them, are all put on hold. Only emergency and essential decision-making processes are in place. Read more…

Impact on Legislation

So, what’s happening with the Ontario Not-for-Profit Corporations Act (ONCA)? Read more

Analysis of Provincial Party Platforms

Here’s what we’ve found in party platforms so far. Read more…

In the news

Read more…

Infographic of Ontario’s Nonprofit Sector

Infographic nonprofit sector