ONN Conference 2013 Highlights


Connect and be connected. Challenge and be challenged. Inspire and be inspired.

This is what the 350 delegates of “Nonprofit: Reframed” were asked to take back to their organizations and communities. And judging from feedback, participants successfully took this on!

“Nonprofit: Reframed” was a key opportunity to continue to leverage the sector’s capacity as innovators and solutions builders, combining the strengths of individual organizations and sub-sectors. Record numbers, amazing speakers and some eye-opening reports made it a fantastic event, the only province-wide one for all nonprofits. Scroll down for an overview of the day’s events.

Keynote Address by Premier Kathleen Wynne

The day started off with an inspiring keynote address by the Premier, where she emphasized what an economic force the nonprofit sector is for the province- as organizations doing good work and creating jobs at the same time.


Conference Presenters

Our presenters brought forward thoughtful and strategic ways to address opportunities and challenges the sector is facing as solutions builders, and shared exciting new ideas bubbling up across Ontario.

See the full slide deck of the morning’s program: Sector Snapshots: NFP Trends & Tactics for a Changing Ontario.

Here are two of the morning’s 5×5 presentations. Click here to see them all on our Youtube Channel.


Report- Nonprofit Leadership in Ontario

We also launched “Shaping the Future: Leadership in Ontario’s Nonprofit Labour Force”, the summary of findings about new province-wide data on key challenges that  leadership in the sector is facing and identifying ways to do something about it. The full report will be released later this month.



Report- Social Enterprise in OntarioInspiring Innovation Cover

The Canadian Community Economic Development Network released “Inspiring Innovation: The Size, Scope and Socioeconomic Impact of Nonprofit Social Enterprise in Ontario”, the first provincial study to focus exclusively on social enterprise. The report provides data and analysis from across the province, including sub-sector analysis, and sets benchmarks for ongoing tracking and development.


Paper- Shared Platform

“A Platform for Change” written by Mowat NFP, looks at the emergence of shared platforms and their potential as an organizational model, along with opportunities to expand and deepen the practice.




Ontario Nonprofit Sector Infographic

This powerful infographic presents the facts and stats on the impact of the sector. Thanks to Kap Design for their partnership to develop this. Please share widely with your networks!





Nonprofit: Reframed in pictures! 

Check out our photo album highlighting inspiring speakers, break-out sessions and networking of 350 sector leaders who came from around the province.