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Hey, 2016! We’re ready for ya

Hey, 2016! We’re ready for ya

How many blogs have you read so far about New Year’s resolutions? Well you’re about to read one more – one that allows you to meet the many faces of ONN’s staff and their thoughts on lovin’ the network. Did we take a little inspiration from “Nonprofit with Balls’ “Ten Resolutions for the Nonprofit Sector for 2015”? You bet we did!

As a communications coordinator, this blog was not an easy one to write. How do you wrangle in the resolutions of 8 people who, by very nature of their being, reassess their goals and aspirations frequently to fit the ongoing needs of the sector? Or [full disclosure], when you think a blog would be a great opportunity to highlight the quirky and incredible personalities of your co-workers, most of them just end up bringing their personal goals back to the network?

Convening our staff for content reminded me how lucky we are to have a team who is committed to the sector and genuinely loves what they do. There’s no way we could possibly separate the “self” from the systems that we’re in. 

Among the many other things that we have to be grateful for at the start of 2016, here are a few aspirations from the ONN team:

Lynn Eakin

“My resolution for the sector is that we resolve to work together on common issues; understanding that our combined actions are more impactful than what each of us can achieve individually. When I think of a resolution for myself and ONN, it’s that our small team multiplies its impact everyday reaching out and tap into the tremendous wisdom, commitment and energy of the people working in our sector.”  

Kate Browning

“2016! I see big things in store for the sector this year (and beyond). It’s an exciting time, not only to be working in the sector but also for ONN. Let’s resolve to keep the ideas flowing, the energy turned up, the work decent, open, and collaborative; and let’s keep putting ourselves at the table. I think we’re off to a pretty great start.”

Kim Gignac

“My resolution for the sector? No more precarious employment! For myself however, my resolution is to try and stop reading (or getting worked up over) angry blog comments on articles that are related to the nonprofit sector” 

Ben Liadsky

“I want the sector to continue to push ourselves, to consider – what are the hard questions that we need to be asking? And, to actually take the time to ask and answer these tough questions to help improve our work. I, personally, need to keep pushing myself to seek out conversations and ideas that will challenge me to keep the “sector” at the heart of the Sector Driven Evaluation Strategy”

Tara Mazurk

“My resolution for the nonprofit sector is that we advocate for ourselves and seek to be understood and respected across sectors, with our communities, and with the public. With this, the challenges and proposed solutions on our biggest policy files will gain more reach, traction, and support.

My personal resolution? Buy socially and locally. Since I started working at ONN, I’ve been inspired by the sector’s role in social procurement. I’m looking to be more conscious about the ethics and practices of places where I shop, and spend my dollars in ways that contribute back to my community.”

Amisha Shah

“My resolution for the sector is taken from the late and inspirational, Rick Cohen: the nonprofit sector should continue to rock the boat!

My personal resolution is to drink more water at work, and give back to my community through volunteering.”

Liz Sutherland

“So many policy files, so many resolutions! I resolve that nonprofit organizations will take the opportunity presented by the introduction of the Ontario Retirement Pension Plan to educate themselves — staff, board, and clients — on pension issues that will affect them as individuals and organizations. We need to plan for the retirement income security of our sector’s workers and the people we serve!

A resolution (& action!) for funding reform: that every time a nonprofit is faced with a shoddy funding agreement — one that doesn’t include adequate administrative costs, or that requires community planning/evaluation/partnership development but doesn’t pay for it, or only pays for service to those clients who “succeed” by a too-narrow definition of success — their leaders: 1) push back if possible, and 2) document the story of this funding practice and share it with the network in hopes that together we can end funding practices that do not adequately fit the needs of the sector.

One resolution for me: I will recite Vu Le’s “Email Adequacy Mantra” once a day and not let email overload rule my life!”

Cathy Taylor

“My new year’s resolutions for the sector are: more impact (on our policy systems, our organizations, and our communities), less administrative hurdles, authentic collaboration and work life balance for all!  

My personal resolution for working at ONN is more time in the office – to connect, share ideas and learn from my colleagues and keep the paper and emails from piling up – a big thing that many can relate to, I’m sure! Any suggestions?”


Thank YOU – our network – for bringing us into 2016, keeping us motivated, and helping us set our goals. Let’s make them happen!

What are your ideas and hopes for the sector this year? Share with us @o_n_n

Tara Mazurk
Tara Mazurk

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