What We Do and Don’t Do


What we do

As an Ontario-focused network of nonprofits and charities, ONN has our eye on supporting a strong and resilient nonprofit sector. We work to engage, advocate and lead with- and for- organizations working for the public benefit in the province.

We actively convene voices across subsectors (like arts, sports, environmental and social services), focus on areas of agreement and action, experiment, and get work done through informal networks.

We focus on public policy, legislation and systems issues to influence change at the broader level.

What we don’t do

We don’t represent the sector as a single voice, nor do we seek formal consensus by vote.

We also don’t do capacity building for individual organizations, support governance work (e.g. provide governance advice or recruit board members), or focus on specific cities or areas, or subsectors.

Our general rule of thumb is that if an issue or opportunity affects multiple subsectors and multiple regions, ONN will look at what kind of systemic impact we can make, together with the nonprofit sector.

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